Announcing a New Worldview and Apologetics Bible Curriculum.
Equip your students with the tools and training to stand
firm in the face of today’s cultural challenges.

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Designed for today’s Christian School classrooms, DeepRoots is a digital Bible curriculum that works with ‘one-to-one’ and ‘teacher-only’ technology across all platforms - laptops, tablets, phones, Mac and PC!

  • Impact Students’ Behavior

    Practical activities and lessons teach students how to apply their faith to everyday living and help develop their core values.

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  • Instill a Biblical Worldview

    Students learn to view all of life through a Biblical perspective.

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  • Encourage Love for Jesus

    Students are taught about Jesus and the great sacrifice He made for us, even in Old Testament lessons.

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  • Build Godly Character

    Character Trait training focuses on the heart rather than behavior to encourage character development that springs from gratitude for what Christ did for us on the Cross.

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  • Cultivate Critical Thinking

    Thoughtful discussion questions encourage students to reflect on past learning, synthesize new concepts, and make connections between the two. Students are encouraged to analyze and evaluate evidence under the direction of their teacher.

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  • Foster Active Learning

    Slideshows, original songs, and an interactive timeline transform students' learning from a static absorption to a multi-dimensional experience.

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  • Save Teachers Time

    Self-graded tests and worksheets save time for busy teachers.

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  • Increase Parental Engagement

    Students and parents can log in at home or anywhere they have a smartphone to watch slideshows, review concepts and study for tests.

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  • What People are Saying

    I'm thrilled to be part of DeepRoots, the new apologetics Bible curriculum! There is a huge need to help students develop a biblical worldview, and amazingly, no one has done it well for young kids... until now.

    — Sean McDowell, Ph.D.
    Professor, Author, Speaker

  • What People are Saying

    DeepRoots does just what its name says. This excellent curriculum grounds students early in Biblical truth, developing in them a growing ability to discern and counter the lies in our culture. It’s thorough, innovative, and beautifully constructed.

    - John Stonestreet,
    President, The Chuck Colson Center and Breakpoint Radio Co-host

  • What People are Saying

    In an age-appropriate way, DeepRoots is filled with intellectual content – not just content that stops with what to believe, but explains why we should believe it. The variety and creativity of teaching methods will certainly sustain enthusiastic student interest. I know of nothing better.

    — JP moreland, Ph.D.
    Distinguished Professor of Philosophy
    Talbot School of Theology, Biola University

  • What People are Saying

    DeepRoots contains valuable archaeological material to help students see for themselves important evidence establishing the historical reliability of the Bible.

    — Dr. Kennedy, Ph.D.
    Registered Professional Archaeologist

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